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It is a exhaustive list of 'must read' entrepreneurship related resources (like startup news, stories, product videos, related books, startup jobs, etc...) updated daily for startupper minded individuals. Initially, this was a site which I have been using to bookmark startup and related resources for the last few few years. This service can sure as a similar tool for 'like minded' risk takers and wealth creators.

Startupbug enables you to make your 'startup related blog or a website' more social by integrating our social components/tools, such as the 'Vote Button' for posts on your blog and 3rd party site content syndication (of latest published stories) to drive user engagement with a few lines of copy-and-pasting the HTML code.
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The average age at founding in our dataset was just over 31, and the median was 30. Today, of course, these founders are quite a bit older, with an average age just under 39, and a median of 38.
Are you searching for that special watch that exudes understated luxury and sophistication?
Then look no further than Gucci's popular range of gents and ladies interlocking watches. These quality timepieces offer both a sophisticated blend of minimalism and luxury.
If you are a keen triathlon runner and are looking to buy a great value, quality sports wrist watch, then I believe you cannot go far wrong than by choosing the Timex Ironman Global Run Trainer GPS sports watch.
Y Combinator Tops With $7.8 Billion In Value. Incubators have become an increasingly important part of the tech startup scene in recent years. A number of hot startups have emerged from these programs, encouraging more new entrepreneurs to apply. They’ve become so popular that about one accelerator a day launches these days, says David Cohen, head of TechStars.
Venture capital was one of the best asset classes in the world before the dot-com bubble burst. Over the next 10 years, returns plummeted as a result of too much capital in the sector and a lack of public market liquidity. So today, the venture capital community finds itself at a cross roads. While the asset class has been largely abandoned by institutional investors, this disinterest will...
Silicon Valley Bank this morning released Startup Outlook 2011 (PDF), a survey of startup perceptions. The financial institution surveyed 375 U.S.-based, private, VC-backed software, hardware and cleantech companies, and found that startups are generally optimistic about current business opportunities and that they will continue to hire throughout 20111 to support the expected growth.
Today, President Obama will visit Facebook’s Palo Alto headquarters for a town hall conversation on reducing the deficit (you can watch the town hall live at 1:45pm PT, 4:45pm EDT at The Shared Responsibility and Shared Prosperity town hall hosted by the President will be followed by two panel discussions, one focused on the Startup America initiative to accelerate.
Senior venture capitalists have said they are planning to dump slow-burning investments in biotech in favor of the faster returns offered by dotcom companies. But while changing focus may seem like a practical investment strategy could be a depressing — and ultimately dangerous — shift.
"Everyone's trying to compete to be the coolest place to work," he told CNN. "Whichever company that can sell themselves as the best place to work really hard [and] make a huge impact -- but at the same time has people that play hard as well, is the place that usually gets the best hires."
A new paper from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland tracks various measures of entrepreneurship over the last few years. It found that the number of businesses with employees — one indicator of entrepreneurial activity, like self-employment — took a nosedive.

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